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HYGITEST Ltd. is a firm producing for period of 40 years GAS detector tubes for express analyses of toxic gases and adsorbent tubes for sampling.
  HYGITEST Ltd. Is leading firm in south-east EUROPE and offers the best product, which competes in quality (ISO 9001) and price with the firms in the world producing this product.
  HYGITEST Ltd. tubes are selled with success in ITALY, TURKEY, MALAYSIA, ISRAEL, NETHERLAND, ENGLAND and USA.
The GAS detector tubes are used for express determination of GAS and vapour concentrations in the air of the working and surrounding environment. This method for determination is very quick, easy and cheap. Before use the glass tube has to be broken off on both sides and placed in the sampling pump. In the presence of the analysed substance the tube colour changes and the length of discoloration is directly dependent on the respective concentration of the substance. The latter is read directly on the scale marked on the outside surface of the GAS detector tube. HYGITEST Ltd. offers a line of standard Charcoal, Silica gel and Tenax sorbent tubes for low flow adsorption sampling of toxic substances in the air.


ISO 9001